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Wheel Interactive Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

Wheel Interactive Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

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Product work description:

1. The product has a built-in lithium battery and built-in nylon gear. After powering on, the product will automatically move forward and backward and walk irregularly to interact with cats.

2. The product has a built-in sensor: If the product is walking too fast, it can buffer and slow down the impact on the wall. It can also be avoided by automatically reversing after sensing according to the speed of the product. The product encounters an obstacle in front of it, and when the distance is about 5 to 30 cm, it will automatically regress according to the speed of the product to avoid it. If it hits a wall or other objects too fast, it will automatically return.

3. There is a built-in RGB light at the rear of the product, and the RGB light flashes after powering on to attract the cat's attention.

4. The product has a built-in touch switch, which automatically sleeps after working for 5 minutes, and wakes up to start working again after touching the machine.


1. When using this product, if you encounter a timid and shy cat, please turn on the product and put it in the area where the cat is active to work for a period of time. After the cat slowly approaches and becomes familiar with the product, the effect will be better.

2. Do not drop the product with force, and do not soak the product in water.

3. Please charge for 1-2H when you receive this product for the first time.

4. If the car rolls over due to the high speed during walking, this is a normal phenomenon.

5. If the induction is not sensitive due to the high speed during the walking process, this is a normal phenomenon.

6. Please do not bite the product vigorously, do not break and pull the tail forcefully.

7. The product will automatically sleep after about 5 minutes of continuous working time. When pets or people touch the host, the toy will wake up and start working again. If a cat with a poor physique or a cat with a good physique is fatigued while playing, to keep the cat's freshness to the product, it is recommended to stop the product directly after playing for 2 to 3 rounds. Keep up your cat's stamina.

8. The product will not work while charging, please do not work while charging.

9. If you use it on a blanket, please use a high-end position. When the battery is insufficient, you cannot walk on the carpet. Please charge it before using it. Do not use it on a plush carpet.

10. The product works better on wooden floors, concrete floors, porcelain panels, and short-pile carpets.

11. When the battery is fully charged, sometimes the product will hit the wall or other objects. This is a normal phenomenon, because the speed If it is too fast, the sensor will not be able to respond quickly, but the impact will automatically return and will not get stuck. The base is made of high-end ABS material that is resistant to falling and wear, and there will be no cracking of the shell surface.

12. For stairs with low steps, obstacles below about 2-3cm, and glass walls, if there is no way to generate induction. This is normal because the stairs with low steps and obstacles are placed too low. The glass surface is reflective, and there is no way to identify the sensor.

13. Do not drop the product with force, and do not soak the product in water.

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