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Washable Premium Thermal Blanket Pet Pee Pad

Washable Premium Thermal Blanket Pet Pee Pad

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Pet Blanket

The Waterproof Pet Blanket is a cozy and great-looking option to protect your couch or bed from spills, stains, and pet fur. With coated flannel on one side and soft Long velvet on the other, this double-sided blanket absorbs liquids and is waterproof so you can be confident nothing will seep into your furniture. For easy cleaning, the throw is machine washable. The blanket can act as a waterproof couch protector for dogs or cats – perfect to throw on furniture to keep it free of stains or hair, and it’s also an incredibly soft blanket for you and your furry friend to snuggle with!


Name Pet Blanket Waterproof for dog cat
Color Blue-gray
Product Size 31.5”x43”, 47”x55”
Material Flannel, Sherpa
Wash Style hand wash/Machine wash
Features Glow in The Dark /leakproof/Waterproof /Washable/Portable/Multipurpose


Super soft and comfortable

Our pet blanket for dogs and cats is made of flannel + Sherpa, so it does not irritate your pet's skin, d not afford the ball, does not shrink, does not fade, and is comfortable and fluffy. Don't worry about pets biting or tearing the blanket because the seams are firm. Our puppy blanket is an incredibly soft blanket for you and your furry friend to snuggle up to.

keep your pet warm &100% Waterproof

The super soft dog blanket provides warmth and comfort for pets, covering your pet like a soft bun. And you can put it on the couch, pet bed, in the car, crate, or travel outside to keep your puppy warm. The waterproof pet blanket keeps your cat and dog cozy and warm from the cold and humidity.

Add a touch of color to the darkness

The glow-in-dark throw pet blanket can absorb and store light energy. The glowing blanket is mysterious and interesting. Just expose the throw blanket to a bright light source or sunlight for about 20-30 minutes, and then take it into a dark room to see the magic. The brighter the light is, the stronger the blanket will glow in the dark.


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