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Upgraded 2-in-1 Electric Dog Nail Clippers

Upgraded 2-in-1 Electric Dog Nail Clippers

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Moebypet Dog Nail Grinder, Upgraded Electric Dog Nail Clippers, 2 LED Lights, Rechargeable, Low Noise, Professional Safe Paws Grooming & Smoothing Tool

Pets do not cooperate with nail clipping, it is difficult to trim.

Ordinary nail clippers can't see the bloodline.

Need to grind after cutting but without proper tools.

These only require our upgraded 2-in-1 Electric Dog Nail Clipper.

Safe and Efficient

There are two high-brightness LED lights at the front and rear ends, which can easily find the dog's bloodline and avoid excessive trimming.

Durable Grinding Stone

Use a specific brass shaft, diamond grinding wheel, diamond-like quality, and thick blade, to ensure friction between the nails. Time-saving and labor-saving, convenient and fast, not afraid of corrosion, and durable.

Clearly Nail Collector

Nails do not splash or scatter, easy to clean.


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