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Dog Puzzle Feeding Toys

Dog Puzzle Feeding Toys

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Effective anti-skid

There are 4 NO-SLIP pads on the backside, which can effectively enhance the stability of food tray placement.

Easy to Clean

Made of BPA-free PVC materials, which are durable and easy to clean. After using it, oil stains can be easily washed with soap in cold water, rinse thoroughly and then let dry naturally.

Best Gift for Best Friend

This is our most popular intermediate Level 3 puzzle toy. Buy it as a birthday or holiday gift for your smart puppies!

Do you want to know what’re the differences between Moebypet's Dog Puzzle?

The dog food puzzle has 3 levels, level 1, level 2, and level 3, the difficulty increases with each level. I believe all dogs will be interested in the dog puzzle, it can maximumly challenge our clever dogs. Dogs will be more delighted if you put different food on each level. As you help your dog complete it, which will greatly enhance family bonds with your dog.

"Helpful Interactive Dog Toys", Playtime and Bored time Problem Solving

  • Advanced challenge
  • More hidden treat compartments
  • IQ training for dog and cat
  • Fights boredom & reduces destructive behavior
  • Works best with small treats or kibble
  • Fun for all breeds, sizes, & ages
  • No removable parts for safer play
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