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Fontaines à boire automatiques pour animaux de compagnie en acier inoxydable

Fontaines à boire automatiques pour animaux de compagnie en acier inoxydable

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Grande capacité de 115 oz/3,4 l et indicateur d'eau : la fontaine à eau pour chien a une grande capacité de 3,4 l/115 oz, ce qui convient aux animaux de petite et moyenne taille. Le distributeur d'eau pour chien est construit avec une bouée de niveau d'eau, vous pouvez voir le changement de niveau d'eau à tout moment et reconstituer l'eau à temps. Il peut durer jusqu'à 2 semaines lorsqu'il est rempli d'eau. Il ne nécessite pas de remplissage fréquent, donc même si vous êtes absent pendant quelques jours, vous n'avez pas à vous soucier de l'eau potable de votre animal.

Fontaine d'eau pour animaux de compagnie à double filtration

Filtrez les cheveux, les débris et les grosses particules pour éliminer les odeurs et les impuretés. Protégez la santé de l'eau potable des animaux de compagnie tels que les chats et les chiens.

L'eau passe à travers plusieurs filtres et la pompe fournit en permanence de l'eau propre au couvercle supérieur.

Conception du robinet et bouée indicatrice de niveau d’eau

Les chats aiment boire de l’eau qui coule naturellement, car ils pensent qu’elle a bon goût et est plus sûre. La fontaine pour chat modèle robinet est une bonne illustration de l'eau du robinet qui coule, ce qui la rend plus agréable à boire pour votre chat. Le niveau d'eau permet au propriétaire d'être clairement conscient de la nécessité d'ajouter de l'eau.


La fontaine à eau pour chat Moebypet est fabriquée en acier inoxydable 304, sans BPA. Il est très facile à nettoyer et à entretenir, mettez le réservoir de stockage d'eau et le bac de stockage d'eau au lave-vaisselle pour les nettoyer. C'est un excellent cadeau pour une famille d'animaux de compagnie.

instructions pour la fontaine à eau pour animaux de compagnie - moebypet
fontaines à eau pour animaux de compagnie petsafe - moebypet
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Customer Reviews

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The cats love it, so do I

This thing is great all around.
It's dead silent, which is more than can be said about my last fountain for the cats, I didn't even realize it had started when I plugged it in. The reservoir is massive and I only need to refill it every 2-3 days, and the bobber makes it super easy to know just how much your furballs have left.

My only gripe is that the protective film on the stainless steel top was an annoyance. Mine had torn in a way that made it nigh impossible to pick out the last bits around the fountain nozzle, so I wound up unbending the metal holding it in. This did lead to the nozzle being a bit loose while disassembled, but once the whole unit is together it's not a problem. It wouldn't take much to tighten that back up either, I just couldn't be bothered to take it out to the shop.

That being said, overall wonderful pickup for you and the kitties.

Simple and silent

- Suprisingly completely silent. No waterfall or dribbling at all.
- Buoy is a nice indicator for how much water is left without having to open it.
- Fairly easy to take apart and back together.
- Drainage looks like a smile. ??

- Protective blue film will not come completely off no matter that I do. Very irritating.
- Not super confident in how secure the pump is to the base connector. It kept easily falling off. The wires smooshed in between small plastic bits are sort of keeping it in place.

Large and quiet pet fountain

First Impression C This cat water fountain is about 90% stainless steel, with an interior plastic tray under the top steel tray. It's easy to clean and the basin has some nice grippy silicone dots on the base to keep it from sliding around.

Ease Of Use C This was simple to set up and the instructions were relatively clear, although there were some issues getting the steel tray, plastic tray, and bottom basin to line up properly.

Positives C Steel is easy to toss in the dishwasher or to give a quick scrub in the sink. The fountain is powerful and quiet. It has a floating water level indicator so you can see when it's about time to clean and refill the basin.

Negatives C Because there were some issues getting the two trays to line up with the basin, and the lip holding them in place is quite shallow, it feels like it might be easy to dislodge by a more aggressive drinker than my cat is. A large dog could knock the tray off without much effort. This also has a plastic tray, so it's not completely steel like some other models available.

Cost Vs. Quality C The mostly steel construction makes this a decent quality pet fountain, but I would suggest using it for a cat, or a dog that's a delicate drinker due to the ability to dislodge the tray easily. The pump is quieter than the fountain my mom currently has, although once in a while the float that shows the water level gets caught in a current and rattles in the tray. It's not often, and it's not crazy loud, just notable if you want absolute silence.

sylvie g.
Bon produit

C'est vraiment trs abordable et on en a pour longtemps