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Someting about your cute cat.

Cat is very lovely friend in our daily life. They are naughty and warm, do you know the below little funny things about your cat?

  • 1. Cats also have a unique "ID card"

Like dogs, cats’ nose prints are also a status symbol for them, and they are unique.

  • 2. The cat’s ears can be turned at will

Cat’s ears have 32 muscles, 5 times that of humans, so they are very flexible and can rotate freely, even up to 180 degrees.

  • 3. Cats can't taste sweetness

Cats lack a protein that can perceive sweetness, so they have no sense of sweet food, but are very sensitive to sour things.

  • 4. Cats can drink sea water

Cats have special kidneys that can automatically filter out the salt in the sea water and only extract the water.

  • 5. Cats can't see things close up

The cat’s eyes cannot focus at close distances, and only distant objects can be seen clearly, so seeing things at close range is equivalent to semi-blind.

  • 6. Cat's eyes are the largest among mammals

How many shovelers fall in love with cats with big eyes first, and they are cute pets with big eyes in the nursing world.
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