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How much do you know your dogs? Part 2

Let's continue the last article.


  •  7. Dog smelling butt is a normal social behavior

Dogs have a sensitive sense of smell. We often see their sniffing the buttocks of the same kind or cats. That's because there is an area called anal glands at the end of the dog’s buttocks, which can release the exclusive identification information of the animal kingdom. Can detect gender, emotions, etc. by smelling each other's butt.

  • 8. Dogs also have a unique "ID card"

Human fingerprints and blood are proofs that can identify identity information, and the dog's nose pattern is also the only "ID card" of theirs, which is unique and can accurately identify the dog's identity.

  • 9. Dog's ears are flexible and changeable

The dog’s ears are controlled by 18 muscles and are extremely sensitive. They can receive and distinguish the source of different sounds by changing different movements.

  • 10. Dog's tongue can curl

When the dog drinks water, the tongue will naturally curl into the shape of a spoon to help them get more water.

  • 11.Dogs react faster than humans

The reaction speed of dogs is more than four times that of humans. If you annoy their and they take a bite, you will never escape. Therefore, don’t challenge the reaction ability of a dog easily.

  • 12.Dogs don't like to be dominated by others

Before being domesticated, dogs were free. Even if they are now family pets, some dogs still don’t like humans to hug them, because in the world of them, they are lying on all fours on humans like children, which means The fate of being dominated.

  • 13. The sense of smell of dogs is more than 10,000 times higher than that of humans

There are more than 200 million olfactory cells on a dog's nose, and the smell of broken apples can be smelled in 2 million apples. Therefore, it is often domesticated as a special dog breed, such as a police dog.

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