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How much do you know your dogs? Part 1

Dogs are our family. How much do you know about your dogs? Let me share some knowledge about dogs.

  • 1. Dogs can perceive weather changes

Animals are very sensitive. They can see all directions and listen to all directions. Therefore, when strangers approach, if the dog suddenly appears restless, barking, etc., It's probably because the weather has changed. Maybe it's a storm or smog is coming.


  • 2. Dogs can "watch their words and look at each other"

The training behavior of humans for dogs is not that dogs can "understand" human language, but they can "observe words and look and feel", complete certain actions according to some behavior instructions, and then keep them in mind.


  • 3. The longer the dog's nose, the more likely it is to get heat stroke

In winter, do you feel that the entire facial features, only the nose is the coldest place, that is because the nose is longer than the other four sense organs, and the dog is also like this. The longer the nose, the better the ability to control the temperature. So, It is also more prone to heatstroke.


  • 4. The moist nose of the dog is to maintain a sensitive sense of smell

Dogs like to lick their noses, so their nose is often wet. This actually means that the dog is healthy and the nose is moist, so it can come into contact with more odor molecules and better distinguish different odors.


  • 5. Dogs have poor ability to distinguish colors

In the dog world, there are only three colors of yellow, blue, and gray, so there are no extra colors in their eyes, which leads to poor color discrimination ability of dogs.


  • 6. Poor heat dissipation capacity of the dog's whole body

Dogs have thick and heavy fur. Even if they have sweat glands, they have poor ability to wick away sweat and can‘t dissipate heat in time. Therefore, in the hot summer, dogs will pant and use their tongues to excrete saliva and evaporate heat. So as to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

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