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3 in 1 Automatic Interactive Cat Electric Toys

3 in 1 Automatic Interactive Cat Electric Toys

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Why need to purchase this 3 in 1 Interactive toy for your pet?

When you are tired and want to get a rest but your baby cat wants to play with you?

When you have a trip but you worry about your fur babies being lonely?

When you're worried because your cat is too fat and lacks exercise?

There are so many types of cat toys on the market, and you don't know how to choose

Moebypet 3 in 1 Interactive toy will solve your worries!

Cat's Favorites Toys:

An interactive cat toy combines with a cat feather toy and an automatic cat light toy, Cat Ball Toy. Free the owner's hand. When your kitty gets bored with one of them, you can change another to make the cat feel fresh.

Protection for Cats:

A. No longer have to worry about cats breathing problems during play. The cat toy is built in a negative ion generator. Provide a comfortable playing environment.
B. Transparent windows can effectively block the intensity of light. Safety of people and cat
C. After 30 Minutes of working in Any Mode, the cat toy will automatically turn off to prevent the cat keep the game excited.

The Details of the Interactive Cat Toys:

A.The non-slip detachable skid-resistant support base of the cat toy makes the cat toy base heavier and more stable, Suitable for kittens of various body types.
B. The top of the light emission button to choose the angle of 15 ° and 25 °. Can be adjusted according to the size of the cat.
C. Come with USB charging cable, so charging is convenient. Built-in rechargeable battery, you do not need to replace the battery.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Wonderful toy

My cat loves this; very stable and the laser can be turned off whilst still using the toy. Ava will play with the balls even if it's not turned on. Has auto shut off.

Very good quality, lasts a long time in between charges and doesn't take up lots of room!

Highly recommend.

Ryan turgeon
broken after one week - Seller quickly replaced

Cats loved it & used it daily. Unfortunately, it stopped working after one week from the motor in the machine burning out.

Update: The sellers reached out to provide a replacement at no cost. Shipping was really fast, Sellers were professional and nice to speak with. Overall, good experience and I'm happy my cats can continue to love this product.

Helps with our cats anxiety, and they fall asleep watching it. Great product.

Kat Fitzgerald
The best thing Ive ever purchased my cats

Oh my goodness. My cats go nuts for this thing. If I even pick it up, they run to my feet and wait for me to put it down. They are obsessed with this toy, and will play with it for HOURS. It has a great battery life after charge, and turns itself off after a while, which is a great feature in my opinion. While they do sometimes knock it over, its usually pretty sturdy and I rarely have to adjust it once its on. This takes all their energy, especially the kitten, and makes them less likely to cause chaos in the house!! A MUST BUY!!

Louise Nelson
Amazing!! Best Cat toy ever!!

Hello I bought this on YouTube from an influencer and we love it!! It’s so much fun and it’s easy to use and durable. Thanks!!

3in1 Cat electric toy

My 2 cats spend endless amounts of time playing with this toy! They just love it, and try to outsmart the toy which is so fun to watch!!